Binance Coin (BNB) Investment Thesis & Analysis

Binance became the largest cryptocurrency exchange in less than 8 months from its launch. With a daily trading volume of over $1,000,000,000, the platform continues to gather momentum and add strength to its existing foundation.

Key project developments include; the creation of a decentralized exchange, exclusive IEO listings, charitable foundation outreach, and a newly-announced Stablecoin Market via Binance Chain, dubbed project ‘Venus’.

As this investment thesis will demonstrate, BNB, the native digital asset and token of Binance, is a hugely attractive investment opportunity. Yearly growth of 156% fails to adequately demonstrate the future appreciation potential of the cryptocurrency. BNB has been one of the strongest performing large cap alt-coins since the start of 2018, despite the protracted bear market.

FULL REPORT PDF – Quantum Labs BNB Investment Thesis 2019Mirror Link

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