Quantitative Trading Bots

Quantum Labs is a software company that creates non-custodial proprietary algo trading bots including arbitrage and market making for third parties to license.

Market Making

Partnered with multiple exchanges, executing orders in milliseconds and profiting on thousands of trades per day. Risk is hedged by using futures and derivatives to amplify returns. We offer market making bots to license for token projects or liquidity for exchanges.


Monetizing on arbitrage between dozens of exchanges and cross product derivatives. Crypto markets are much more volatile than equities and provide over-sized returns.

Proprietary Technology

With years of trading and technical expertise, our trading strategies aim to provide better, longer, and lower risk returns. With several years of experience on multiple trading platforms, we provide liquidity and efficiency at an institutional level.

Safety and Security

We keep the highest level of encryption and security for all our servers and trading bots. We whitelist IP addresses to make sure connections between exchanges are secure.